12 ways to make business travel more sustainable

In the light of climate change, we are all looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and live in a more sustainable way. Therefore BCD Travel’s sustainability experts pulled together 12 ways that business travelers and travel managers can integrate sustainable actions into work trips. Here’s BCD Travel’s advice on how to live more sustainably by ethically managing environmental, social and financial responsibilities.

10 tips for sustainable packing

Here’s a pro tip for business travelers: Limiting the amount of clothes and extras you pack for business trips not only saves time and the frustration of heavy bags, it also helps protect the environment. BCD Travel offers these 10 tips for packing wisely and sustainably.

Fingerprinting now required for EU citizens applying for Chinese visa

EU citizens applying for a Chinese visa must have their fingerprints taken in advance. The new regulation came into effect in Germany on Dec. 16, 2019; other EU countries will follow in the first weeks of 2020. Fingerprinting can only be done in person at Chinese Visa Application Service Centers. BCD Travel outlines the requirements and exceptions for Chinese visa in this new blog post.

Checklist: How to protect yourself against theft on a business trip

Business travelers have to safeguard their travel data as well as their luggage containing notebooks, smartphones and corporate credit cards. This checklist reminds travelers of important precautionary measures to protect themselves against theft.

Top air quality apps for business travelers

Following BCD Travel’s recent report warning travel managers about the risks of air pollution for their business travelers, the travel management company has compiled a list of top apps business travelers can use to gauge the air quality at destinations worldwide. Travel managers and travel management teams can help support duty of care by sharing this list with their travelers.

Older MacBooks restricted on airlines

Here’s a useful tip for MacBook-carrying business travelers: Check your laptop before your next business trip. Multiple airlines have banned or restricted Apple’s 15-inch MacBook Pros following Apple’s voluntary recall of the device’s battery. The U.S. Federal Aviation Agency and European Union Aviation Safety Agency issued bans and warning following the recall.

Effective planning for sustainable business trips

Business trips can be more resource-efficient and environmentally friendly with effective planning.BCD Travel has compiled some helpful tips for sustainable business trips. These eco-friendly options might even save a little money.

Pro tips for sustainable air travel

At first glance, business travel and sustainability may not really fit together. But there are many ways to make business travel more sustainable – and even save a little money: Holger Schmeding, Managing Director BCD Travel Germany, summarizes his best tips and tricks for reducing emissions while planning air travel.

U.S. visa applications now require social media details

Most U.S. visa applicants, both immigrant and non-immigrant, must now list social media identifiers or handles on new visa applications. The U.S. Department of State recently updated its visa forms to include social media handles. International travelers using the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) are not required to provide social media identifiers but do have the option to share the information.  

How business travelers can guard against polluted air

Traveling for business means exposure to potential risks such as political unrest, terrorist attacks, medical crises—and air pollution. As outlined in BCD Travel’s Inform report, Air Quality and Business Travel, only half of the 100 most visited cities worldwide have clean air. Below are tips and tricks business travelers can use to guard against the harmful effects of air pollution.

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