8 ways travelers can outsmart fraudsters

Simple tips for safe and secure travel.

BCD Travel information security experts have compiled a list of simple tips travelers can use to avoid fraud:

  1. Safeguard login credentials at ATMs, restaurants and other public places. And be on the lookout for “shoulder surfers”—anyone glancing over your shoulder to steal personal information.
  2. Don’t log in to corporate accounts over free public Wi-Fi hotspots. The information is vulnerable to interceptions.
  3. Go paperless: Keep itineraries and travel documents on your password-protected mobile device.
  4. Travel with the bare minimum. Leave extra credit cards and excess cash at home.
  5. Don’t divulge travel dates and locations on social media.
  6. Be on the lookout for “phishing” emails that appear to come from legitimate companies like airlines, loyalty programs and banks. Don’t divulge any personal information to the sender, and don’t click on any links. Delete immediately.
  7. Access favorite website links from your desktop or browser, instead of clicking on a link in an email.
  8. Change passwords frequently, and use alpha-numeric combinations.

Want to know more about how to keep travelers safe on the road? Find out more about our Risk & Security strategies designed for today’s travel environment.

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