30-second primer: Most valuable DecisionSource reports

Gain insights into on-the-go spending, program performance and traveler security.

Three of the most valuable reports from BCD Travel’s DecisionSource reporting and analytics platform provide travel managers with insights into traveler behavior and spend; in-depth assessments of program performance; and speedy ways to locate and assist travelers during a crisis.

Travel Report Card

Get an at-a-glance snapshot of travelers’ actions and spending habits. Parse information by departments, teams or individual employees. This report is ideal for getting a quick look at traveler compliance or compiling a program performance overview for executives. (Report code: GD00039U)

Air/Hotel/Rail/Car Summary with Subtotals

A summary and up to five underlying layers for detailed insights into air, rail, car and hotel performance (including hotel-to-trip-night analysis) provide a deeper understanding of spend, compliance and volume for each part of your travel program. (Report code: GD00066M)

Location Incident Reports and Security Map

When there’s a travel crisis or disruption, find out right away which employees might be affected. Location Incident reports provide travelers’ flight, hotel and emergency contact information. Use the Security Map to filter by geographical area so you can prioritize your response. (Location Incident Contact Report code: GS00015M; Location Incident Itinerary Report code: GS00017M)

Check out a three-minute demo about how to generate valuable DecisionSource reports, and get tips for presenting travel program data in ways that resonate with non-travel stakeholders.

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