4 Reasons why you still need a travel consultant

It seems today that as one country re-opens for travel, another closes or changes its entry rules. Even domestically, planning a basic trip has become more complicated. The endless changes are daunting for even the most experienced travellers. That is why, when it comes to finding assistance, travellers aren’t using online services as much. They want to speak to someone who they trust to clear up the ambiguity and provide 200% confirmation of facts before they hit the road.

Here are four reasons why Travel Consultants are still relevant and the invaluable role they play in addressing traveller concerns and giving you peace of mind.

1. They know the rules

The sheer breadth of information to track country border closures and airport restrictions, not to mention the rapid rate at with which everything can change, is challenging. Travel Consultants are experts and can go a long way in making sure you make the right decisions for your next trip.

Have no idea what’s going on with vaccination requirements? Your agent knows what to do. Travel Consultants are always up to date, can untangle technical jargon and have a wealth of travel knowledge that reaches well beyond the pandemic. Our information hub is our one-stop resource that helps our consultants provide information that is factually correct and to guide travellers through the new travel process.

2. They help you save money

As flight capacity shifts and schedules change, researching trip options and finding the lowest fare becomes more challenging. Travel Consultants have expert knowledge in airfare types and rules, and they know a good deal when they see one. More importantly, they weigh up best fares against your specific needs when proposing flight options. This knowledge and eye for detail are what drive maximum value for you.

3. They’ve got the contacts

We all know it’s not what you know but who you know that matters. Travel Consultants build up a networks and often have key stakeholder contacts that can make good things happen. Ultimately consultants care for their clients and use their relationships and plethora of contacts built up over years of experience to work to their client’s advantage.

4. They are there for you when things go wrong

If something unforeseen happens on your trip (like your chosen airline is grounded, for example), you can rest easy that your Travel Consultant will be on hand to manage alternative plans for you. Once you depart on your trip, the value of the support you’ll receive while on the road is crucial. Consider this as an extra element of your insurance policy!

Time and time again, Travel Consultants prove themselves with resilience, knowledge, and an impeccable customer focus. We knew this before, but this has been proven again with professionals going above and beyond to help travellers affected by the COVID-19 crisis. The value of travel experts remains in personalised knowledge, passion, and people supporting people.