What to do when travelers shop around

Merchandising via booking tools influences travelers at the moment they’re spending.

When business travelers comparison shop on consumer sites, the corporate travel program takes a hit, Advito’s Michael Silvey writes in a blog published by the business travel consultancy.

“Travelers who search for information externally will already have ideas about the price of the trip and may be emotionally invested in a particular itinerary or type of accommodation,” explains Silvey, senior director and practice area leader of Traveler Engagement for Advito.

“If the options available through your program don’t match up, travelers will be disappointed or dissatisfied. That can snowball, making them less likely to want to use your program in future.” That’s where merchandising and technology optimization can help.

Merchandising and technology optimization uses analytics that adjust messaging automatically as travelers shop. It turns your online and mobile booking tools into communication channels with the power to influence travelers. Preferred options appear at the top of the list. Messaging during the booking process guides the traveler toward smart, compliant choices.

“Get the messaging right, and deliver it at the right time, and compliance increases,” Silvey writes. “In the companies we work with, we’ve seen a 5% increase in compliance with air travel policies across a year. During the same period, there’s been a 10% uptick in hotel program compliance. For hotels that have been removed from a preferred program, we have seen a 98% shift from the old to new within 30 days—simply by configuring and communicating the change during the booking process.”

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