Case study: How Mondelēz cut costs by engaging travelers

Traveler engagement yields 20% savings.

One factor has more impact than any other on the success of Mondelēz International’s travel and meetings program: the behavior of employees on the road. If they stray from travel policy and preferred suppliers, the global snack-food giant spends too much on travel. And that interferes with the travel and meetings program’s cost-control goals.

“The biggest challenge is changing the mindset of people,” Mondelēz International’s global travel expense and meetings manager explained in a case study published by Advito. “What works is when the employee takes ownership of doing the right thing and changes their behavior without it being a mandate from up above.”

To influence that behavior, Mondelēz worked with Advito traveler engagement experts travel team to map out an integrated communications plan designed to engage on-the-road employees and influence their purchasing decisions. The plan had three main components:

The communications plan worked. Employees spent less—and spent smarter—on business trips. Among the Mondelēz results:

  • More than 20% reduction in travel and expenses spending
  • 45% drop in short-notice bookings for flights
  • Improved policy awareness and compliance
  • Streamlined traveler communications
  • Stronger internal brand for travel program

“We are producing quantifiable results, among them a significant decrease in spend so far,” Mondelēz’s travel leader said. “We’re also strengthening our relationship with employees on the road. They better understand our travel policy—not just what it is but why it’s important. Actively engaging travelers helps us stay on budget and enhances our travel program brand.”

Want to know more? Download the Mondelēz case study; go to for more resources on traveler engagement and travel program optimization; and talk to your account manager about what Advito can do for you.

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