Video: Business travelers and the pursuit of happiness

How a traveler’s ‘happiness quotient’ can influence employee retention and productivity.

Business travelers think their companies fall short on meeting their on-trip needs. Figuring out what those needs are; finding the right way to measure them; and keeping travelers happy and healthy should be a top priority for companies looking to hire and retain top talent, says Miriam Moscovici, BCD Travel’s senior director for research and innovation.

In a conversation with Martin Cowen, editorial director for industry news outlet Tnooz, and Al Merschen, partner at Myriad/MMGY Global, Moscovici explained how hiring and keeping the best employees might be as simple as giving them seat upgrades on long-haul flights.

“I think in our future we are likely to see something like a happiness quotient,” Moscovici said during the chat, which was broadcast from the 2018 Global Business Travel Association Conference in San Diego. “If you don’t create a happy, well and joyful business traveler, they are going to go to your competitor. For us, it’s really important to address what that happiness quotient is.”

Merschen explored how traveler comfort yields productivity. “If you can’t open your laptop on the economy seat, you’re not going to work,” he said. “Sometimes, that lounge pass, that upgrade, will make you 10 times more productive, which gets you a little happier, which gives you a little more time to work out when you get to the hotel, and that all comes back.”

Get Moscovici’s take on tech trends reshaping business travel, and find out how BCD Travel’s TripSource® can help corporate programs fill the happiness gap for business travelers.


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