Travel Risk Survival Kit: How to prepare for hazards ahead

Get practical tips, success stories and proven solutions for navigating the risks ahead for business travelers and fulfilling duty of care.

Travel managers believe travel risks are on the rise. And business travelers say their companies aren’t doing enough to keep them safe and secure. BCD Travel’s Travel Risk Survival Kit can help.

The new publication, the latest in BCD’s Inform series, details the hazards and uncertainties facing business travelers today. It offers practical tips, success stories and proven solutions for mitigating economic, geo-political, health and safety and cyber risks.

Download the Travel Risk Survival Kit to learn more about hot topics, including:

  • Brexit—The United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union is creating corporate travel uncertainties and risks. Travelers’ rights to cross borders could change, as could agreements covering everything from airports to mobile phones. The uncertainty could push Europe’s second-largest economy into a recession that’s contagious.
  • Political shifts—Citizen dissatisfaction across the globe is leading to election outcomes that upend the status quo. These political changes bring unrest that makes business travel more complicated and dangerous. Beware of increases in protests and terrorism.
  • Cyberattacks—Business travel is complex and interconnected on a global scale. The impact of a cyberattack could be far-reaching, particularly if aimed at the operations of airlines or airports. Companies and their travelers can take steps to protect themselves from the bad guys.
  • Natural disasters and disease—Weather events are disrupting travel with more force and less warning. The spread of disease is making travel riskier, even to some previously “safe” destinations. It’s never been more important to be able to communicate with travelers in a crisis.

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