Quick, targeted messaging aids travelers affected by device ban

BCD Travel’s TripSource® app let companies reach their travelers within minutes.

Technology-empowered traveler communication is the quickest, clearest and most targeted way to deal with trip disruptions caused by weather, natural disasters or government actions, such as the new and immediate in-cabin ban on laptops and some other electronic devices on certain flights from the Middle East to the United States and United Kingdom.

“Affected travelers using our TripSource app received notification within minutes of the official policy being published by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security on March 21,” said Yannis Karmis, senior vice president of Product Planning & Development for BCD Travel. “When we can clearly and quickly communicate any emerging disruption, it helps our clients’ travelers prepare for what to expect at airports and reduces their frustration. It ensures travelers aren’t surprised.

“Over the next week, as many as 4,000 of our clients’ travelers will be affected by this ban,” Karmis said. “We typically see 500 to 600 tickets a day originating from the Middle Eastern airports named in the U.S. and U.K. advisories. Ensuring travelers are aware of this new policy is an essential part of how we serve customers.

“We highly recommend business travelers download and use the mobile app from their travel management company,” he said. “BCD’s TripSource app is vital for helping our clients’ travelers stay informed and connected.”

BCD Travel has put together essential traveler FAQs about the new restrictions for carry-on devices, including a list of affected airports and banned devices.

Watch a video about how TripSource enables clear, quick and targeted communications that can assist and guide your on-the-road employees.

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