Leave jargon behind

BCD tech expert tells The Beat that it’s time to overhaul the business travel lexicon.

Miriam Moscovici, Director, Emerging Technologies, BCD Travel

The words we use to describe business travel need to evolve with the market, BCD Travel’s Miriam Moscovici recently told industry news outlet The Beat.

For example, what started as “gamification” is steadily being recognized as “behavioral economics.” We still say “call centers” when we really mean “contact centers”—a more accurate description for the various modes of communication, calls, emails and messages and more, that flow in.

Business travel practices are becoming more sophisticated, and the language we use to describe them needs to shift, too, said Moscovici, the travel management company’s director of emerging technologies. She’ll lead a jargon-lite discussion of what’s new, cool and next during an Innovation Leaders of Today session at GBTA Canada on May 24. Leaders of travel tech startups Bizly, mTrip, Rocketrip and Urbandoor will join her on center stage.

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