How corporate travelers can combat child exploitation

Business travelers can help end child enslavement and sexual exploitation around the world. Don’t look away.

On the eve of Super Bowl LIV weekend in the U.S., awareness efforts have heightened around the issues of modern slavery and human trafficking. Here’s what corporate and leisure travelers need to know to help prevent child exploitation.

More than 40 million people around the world are trapped in modern-day slavery, and a quarter of them are children. BCD Travel, in partnership with international advocacy group ECPAT, released a video to raise awareness among business travelers about warning signs of child enslavement or sexual exploitation. The message: Don’t look away.

Don't look away

If you see signs of child exploitation while traveling, don’t look away. Here’s how to report it.

As a leader in the global business travel industry, BCD has a unique opportunity to make a difference. Traffickers often use air travel to transport victims and use hotels as places to abuse them. BCD uses its reach to raise awareness among companies, suppliers and business travelers, including by:

  • Educating its own employees about how to spot and report signs of child exploitation
  • Encouraging clients to sign on to ECPAT and engage their frequent travelers in the effort to recognize and report these crimes
  • Collaborating with corporate travel suppliers and other TMCs on opportunities to help put an end to the trafficking of children

Want to learn more? Watch Passport to Freedom, an in-depth video from Sabre on how to recognize and report human trafficking. And listen to The Company Dime’s 10-minute interview with ECPAT’s Michelle Guelbart on what you can do to help.

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