Hotel Price Assurance: Tales of corporate hotel savings

Abercrombie & Fitch shaves over $60 per night, on average, on a hotel room when it finds savings through Hotel Price Assurance. The service, provided by BCD Travel and powered by TRIPBAM™, allows the global clothing retailer to tap enhanced automation to shop for lower hotel rates at a traveler’s booked hotel after the original booking has been made. Hotel Price Assurance successfully rebooks Abercrombie & Fitch travelers at a lower rate more than 70% of the time.

“The incremental hotel savings we’re seeing makes a notable impact on my program’s overall performance,” said David Buchholz, travel and expense manager for Abercrombie & Fitch. “The ROI [return on investment] on this service makes it a no-brainer.”

The American Cancer Society, a nonprofit dedicated to the elimination of cancer, tightly manages its travel budget to maximize donor dollars directed to its mission. The organization launched Hotel Price Assurance in May, working with BCD on a start-up campaign to educate travelers and travel arrangers on benefits of the service.

“When we’ve secured a lower rate, we’ve seen average nightly savings triple over the course of four months,” said Terri Clay, vice president of nationwide meeting and travel management for ACS. “This type of creative savings is vital to our mission, helping us see maximum value for our lodging spend.”

Recent analysis by TRIPBAM™ and BCD Travel finds that corporate travel programs can find significant savings by rebooking hotel rooms when rates fall. It’s among the ways companies can take advantage of current market conditions to gain pricing leverage.

Want to know more about how Hotel Price Assurance can help your corporate travel program cut accommodation costs? Download a brochure about the service, and ask your BCD Travel account manager for details.