Getting back to business travel: At the airport

Advice and tips to prepare travelers for the airport experience of the future.

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A traveler typically navigates through six stages at the airport before taking off. That can be exhausting at the best of times but now, with all the newly established protection measures since COVID-19, it’s even more taxing.

As part of our ongoing commitment to inform travelers what to expect during their journey, we’ve outlined the changes airports are making at each different stage. Some will be temporary, simply to restart travel, or may evolve as the pandemic runs its course. Others may become permanent features of the airport experience. Each airport is approaching COVID-19 differently.

In general, travelers need to be prepared to spend more time at the airport because of comprehensive measures. This includes cleaning and hygiene protocols, temperature checks and health testing, social distancing, and enhanced security screening. However, other measures might help speed passengers safely through the airport, such as increased use of biometrics, reduced interaction through robotic solutions, ordering food and beverages through smartphones, and contactless payment.

What does the new future of the airport experience look like?

Our new report Getting back to business travel: At the airport provides some of the answers, detailing changes already introduced at some airports, as well as changes that are on the way to protect passengers from COVID-19.

Getting back to business travel: At the airport

Download our report with answers to what the new future of the airport experience will look like.

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