New Back to Travel guide: Preparing you for the return of travel

Strategic advice, checklists and solutions for travel managers.

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Since COVID-19 started to change the travel landscape, corporate travel programs are in the spotlight and the pressure on travel managers is increasing. BCD Travel’s new Back to Travel digital guide is a strategic resource for travel managers to rethink their program’s return to active travel.

“Travel managers are reviewing their travel programs and preparing for the new realities of travel. Stakeholders and travelers are asking questions and seeking reassurance,” says Teri Miller, Executive Vice President at BCD Travel. “The Back to Travel guide is based on recovery-specific solutions and several months of research, both of which provide answers to help companies get back to business safely and efficiently. As the situation remains fluid, we’ll regularly update the guide to provide new information and support.”

Back to Travel digital guide

Back to Travel covers four essential program areas: Duty of care, traveler communications, spend management and travel policy. Each section highlights trends, practical advice, checklists and solutions designed to help travel managers position their travel program for success.

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