For strategic meetings, small isn’t necessarily simple

Shimon Avish, director, BCD Meetings & Events

Managing a “small” meeting sounds easy enough, but sometimes small meetings are actually complex meetings, says Shimon Avish, a director at BCD Meetings & Events.

“Organizing and executing a meeting for 50 people or less can be complicated on many levels, from finding the right venue to ensuring security,” he explained. “For example, if you only have 10 people at your meeting, but they are all chief executives of major global companies, your risks are higher, and the demands can be extremely complex.”

Properly weighing that complexity is among strategic meetings best practices Avish and other experts will present at the upcoming Global Business Travel Association conference in Boston. Their panel discussion, Strategic Meetings Management: Cost/Benefit of Managing Small Meetings, is scheduled July 18.

The session, developed by the GBTA Meetings Committee, will cover:

  • Defining small meetings
  • Considering factors such as industry norms and corporate culture
  • Evaluating technology solutions
  • Deciding whether a meeting is small or simple, and worth managing

“Managing small but complex meetings can require as much work as larger, less complicated gatherings,” Avish said. “Our GBTA session will offer ways to compare the pros and cons so you can assess whether anticipated benefits of managing a small meeting will outweigh the costs.”

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