End It Movement fights to eliminate child sexual exploitation

Join the #enditmovement –and spread awareness about this human rights crisis.

Tens of millions of people around the world are estimated to be trapped in modern day slavery, many of them children being sexually exploited through prostitution, trafficking, and child sexual abuse material online. Traffickers often use air travel to transport victims and use hotels as venues to abuse them. Business travelers and corporate travel industry professionals can help fight to end this human rights crisis by using social media to spread  awareness for the End It Movement, a coalition of leading organizations around the world committed to eliminating child sexual exploitation.

On Feb. 7, supporters can get involved by drawing red Xs on their hands and sharing their photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, tagged with #enditmovement and @ECPATUSA.

BCD Travel joined the effort last year by partnering with ECPAT (End Child Prostitution and Trafficking), the leading international organization seeking to raise awareness, advocate for victims, and push for policy and legislative changes to protect them. BCD also participates in The Code, a multi-member initiative of the travel industry that is also working to end the sexual exploitation of children.

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