Case study: Engaging travelers at LinkedIn

Advito helped networking giant strengthen bonds with its travelers.

A recently released case study explores how LinkedIn’s travel program tapped into Advito’s Traveler Engagement™ expertise to strengthen bonds with on-the-road employees. The result: happier and more productive travelers who are better connected to the company.

The engagement effort led to LinkedIn’s traveler satisfaction score among U.S. employees hitting 84%—an increase of 20 percentage points in two years. Advito helped LinkedIn’s travel team create a recognizable travel program brand, TravelIn, that uses mobile, digital, virtual and social media tools to boost traveler awareness, advocacy, loyalty, trust and satisfaction.

“Advito brought their marketing and communications experience to evaluate what works—and doesn’t—at LinkedIn and designed communications strategies that really matched our culture,” explained Leslie Hadden, manager of Global Travel & Event Operations at the social-media-for-business powerhouse.

Read the full case study to learn how LinkedIn and its travelers benefit from consistent messaging at critical moments before, during and after trips.

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