Boost savings on airfares by tracking negotiated rates all year

Dynamic program management drives ongoing air program improvements.

Companies can significantly improve air program performance by tracking carrier contracts all year long. The approach, called dynamic program management, is the subject of a recent blog by Advito air expert Olivier Benoit.

Olivier Benoit, Senior Director and Global Air Practice Leader, Advito

Benoit, an air practice leader for the business travel consultancy, says combining dynamic program management with the right data allows companies to predict air volume and renegotiate fares based on that forecast.

“Don’t wait until annual negotiations to review your contracts. Don’t wait until carrier review meetings to address target terms performance issues. Take back control,” Benoit advises in the Outfront blog. “Monitor your program in real-time to uncover additional savings, capitalize on innovation and opportunities, mitigate risk and manage demand.”

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