BCD M&E tool simplifies how meetings get booked

Simple Meetings allows instant, in-policy bookings of meeting spaces and sleeping rooms.

BCD Meetings & Events has launched Simple Meetings, a system that allows users to choose where and how they book meetings.

The online tool provides access to a global sourcing inventory and allows users to instantly book meeting spaces and sleeping rooms. The system can be configured to comply with a company’s meeting and travel policies. Plus, there’s no limit to the number of meetings or sleeping rooms that can be booked.

“We see a shift in the way our clients need to book meetings,” said Jeannie Griffin, vice president of Product & Technology Solutions for BCD M&E. “While cost savings and compliance is still critical, they need tools that empower their employees to book meetings according to their needs without sacrificing access to data and the service we bring to the table. Simple Meetings gives users the power of choice.”

Learn more about how BCD M&E is growing, and tap into meetings management expertise at bcdme.com/insights.

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