Travel alerts warn business travelers of potential risks during trip

A new feature from BCD Travel provides notifications to travelers’ mobile devices about potentially risky situations that could affect their trips. The new feature helps to increase traveler safety and comfort before and during a trip.

BCD Travel’s new travel alerts are just the latest feature added to the TripSource mobile experience, a robust traveler engagement platform. Sent to devices running TripSource, the risk alerts provide warning and emergency notifications that cover security, weather or transportation events that could disrupt travel. They’re pushed out only to travelers when a location in their itinerary is affected, meaning they are always relevant.

BCD Travel first introduced TripSource in 2014 as a free platform business travelers used for tracking and sharing travel itineraries (airlines, hotels, ground transportation and more). Since its original release, BCD has greatly expanded the offering, which now includes real-time flight status alerts, hotel booking capabilities, driving directions, online check-in notifications, company specific policy details and calendar syncing. It even lets travelers import bookings from outside suppliers other than BCD, so travelers have all their itineraries in one place.

New features like risk alerts and service messages have already proved to be extremely helpful, from alerting travelers to the laptop ban on flights between the Middle East and the United States, to emergency alerts about the recent terrorist attacks in Manchester and Barcelona. “Duty of care for business travelers has gotten more complex because destinations that were traditionally safe no longer feel that way,” says Chris Crowley, vice president EMEA for BCD Travel. “At the same time, technology tools have simplified and streamlined traveler communications, creating new ways for us to easily provide relevant, timely information that can keep travelers safe. We notice that clear and quick communication about an emerging disruption helps our clients’ travelers prepare for what to expect at airports and reduces frustration.”

Keep your travelers safe and happy on the road
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