Advito 2018 Industry Forecast webinar on Sept. 21

How will 2017 factors affect buyers and suppliers in business travel, over the rest of the year and into 2018? What can travel program stakeholders anticipate for price developments in air fares and hotel rates? Prepare for the industry in 2018 by attending our ACTE webinar on September 21 at 4.30pm (Central European Time).

Bob Brindley, vice president and principal, Advito

“In many ways, global corporate travel in 2018 will be remarkably similar to 2017; demand continues to grow slowly, but steadily, for the air and hotel sectors,” says Bob Brindley, vice president and principal of Advito, the global travel consultancy that produces the annual study. “Because hotel demand is outpacing capacity, prices will rise about 2 to 4 percent, depending on the market. The relatively low price of oil means that airlines can add capacity in step with demand, while keeping prices in check. Generally, the market favors buyers as price increases in dominant markets will be offset by lower fares in competitive markets, producing balance in the overall picture.”

Brindley and Jason Kramer, managing consultant of Advito, will discuss these trends and more during an ACTE webinar at 4:30 pm CET on Thursday, September 21.

Download the infographic of Advito’s 2018 Industry Forecast or a copy of the full report here.