Ask a concierge: Monaco

Tips for business travel to the luxurious city-state on the French Riviera.

City guide: Cape Town

Beaches, mountains and baboons? Check out South Africa’s oldest city. Tourists and business travelers flock to Cape Town. Tourism, energy, finance and business services are key industries.

Market monitor: Japan at a glance

Inbound international travelers drive growth in Japanese business travel market. Between 2013 and 2018, business travel spending expanded, on average, by 3.4% per year. Spending on domestic trips grew by less than 1% annually. But spending on business trips to Japan soared by 22.5% a year.

City guide: Dubai

A business traveler’s guide to the UAE’s largest city-state. Dubai is the largest of the United Arab Emirates’ city-states. Its location on the Persian Gulf has aided its development as a center of innovation, trade and tourism. Expatriates from around the globe boost Dubai’s population; only a fraction of residents are natives.

Ask a concierge: Shanghai

At the InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland, concierge John Yin guides visitors on the best things to see, do and eat in this seaside metropolis. Here he offers advice for business travelers.

City guide: Toronto

Toronto, Canada’s largest metropolis, is one of the world’s most multicultural cities. Read our city guide and find a variety of ethnic restaurants and come across cultural hotspots and events that reflect locals’ diverse backgrounds and lifestyles.

Market monitor: Italy at a glance

Business travel in Italy was worth nearly US$73 billion in 2018. Corporate travel spending is expected to grow 3% a year through 2023. The economy is technically in recession. Italy’s largest airline, Alitalia, is for sale. The hotel market is predicted to expand just 1.8% a year through 2023.

Market monitor: Brazil at a glance

Business travel spending is forecast to rise 6.6% annually through 2023.  Companies spent more than US$24 billion (90 billion Brazilian reals) on business travel to, from and within Brazil in 2018. Domestic trips account for 44% of all spending; outbound international trips account for 37%. Less than a fifth is spent by business travelers visiting Brazil from abroad.

City guide: Mexico City

Mexico City is elevated, expansive and enriched by modern commerce and ancient culture. The city is Mexico’s center of politics and finance and, with more than 150 museums and plenty of galleries, a robust music scene and fascinating Aztec ruins in the city center, it’s also rich in art, culture and history.

City guide: Shanghai

Shanghai was originally a fishing and textiles town. Today, it’s one of China’s biggest cities and a global financial hub. Traditional Chinese culture and modern commerce shape the two sides of the city. The city keeps growing. The population is expected to exceed 26 million in 2019. Major industries include manufacturing, tourism, transportation and financial services.

Market monitor: Austria at a glance

Most visitors come from Germany, but arrivals from China are on the upswing.  In 2018, companies spent almost €11 billion on travel to, from and within Austria. Inbound travel made up 42% of that spending. Domestic travel accounted for 31%; outbound trips made up 27% of spending. Oxford Economics forecasts average annual growth of 5% through 2023 with all travel segments expanding at similar rates.

Market monitor: China at a glance

Hotel demand in China is expected to grow 4.4% a year through 2020. Companies spend nearly US$327 billion (2.2 trillion Chinese yuan) a year on travel to, from and within China, according to the last-available annual data from 2017.

Market monitor: Colombia at a glance

As international arrivals increase in Colombia, hoteliers expand to serve more business travelers. 

City guide: Seattle

Go right from the office to the great outdoors in Washington’s Emerald City.

Ask a concierge: Singapore

Tips for business travel to one of Asia’s most important commercial hubs.

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