3 reasons to love SolutionSource

February is regarded as the month of love across much of the world. To celebrate, we’re sharing three reasons why we love SolutionSource and why you should, too.

1. Nothing else is quite like SolutionSource®

Each corporation is unique with different goals, cultures, and ways of running their travel program. That’s why it is important for BCD Travel and SolutionSource to provide our clients the ability and agility to customize their programs. We service thousands of clients with different travel programs – all on a global scale. We’ll always invest in our core products, but we know that we can’t build everything ourselves. That’s why we partner with some of the world’s leading companies to provide clients solutions that can elevate their travel programs. Clients can select partners from the SolutionSource marketplace, or create in-house solutions with our APIs, available in the Developer Hub.

2. We work (and play) well with others

Corporate travel can be complex, and the associated technology is complicated due to multiple systems and often fragmented data. Our Developer Hub opens up our technology and data via a suite of modern APIs, making it easy for third parties to connect to our platform and ultimately streamline client integrations, whether it’s shopping and booking functionality or getting on-demand itinerary information.

There are no secrets here. Developers understand how our APIs work end-to-end; which data elements are available to them; and how to access sample code for our APIs. Thanks to that transparency, developers start with a clear picture of what they can leverage to power their solutions.

3. We’re driving change in the industry.

Corporate travel is ripe for innovation and our technology-driven platform strategy is designed to nurture the next generation of innovators shaping our industry. And we’re proud of it.

Corporate clients benefit from our open approach because they can integrate new solutions in an easier way. Developers benefit because they have access to modern APIs that accelerate their development. And we all win from stronger partnerships and specialized solutions that make business travel easier. ​​​​​​

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