In the news: Breaking the hotel procurement cycle

Four trends make year-round program management a smart play.

April Bridgeman, Managing Director, Advito

Change is constant. Digital is forcing the need to reinvent long-used business practices. This environment reveals a glaring misalignment between set-it-and-forget-it hotel program management practices and market dynamics. That’s why, Advito’s April Bridgeman predicts, more travel buyers will break the hotel procurement cycle in 2017 than ever before. In a recent commentary in Business Travel News, Bridgeman explains why forgoing the traditional request for proposals (RFP) season and adopting a year-round approach to hotel program performance is a smart move.

Bridgeman, managing director of the business travel consultancy, also explores four trends driving the year-round approach: supplier consolidation; rate fluctuations; hoteliers’ push to manage yields; and an increasing awareness of the value of traveler engagement.

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