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What travel buyers need to know about airlines’ new distribution capabilities.

Officially, new distribution capability is a technical standard created by the International Air Transport Association to give airlines updated ways to sell their offerings. But NDC is really much more: the conduit for a new air-retailing model. Increase your knowledge of what NDC is and how it will have an impact on your corporate travel program with expert guidance from BCD Travel and business travel consultancy Advito.

 Understand air distribution changes

Airlines are keen to lower distribution costs and develop better ways of marketing offerings across their own sales channels, including selling add-on services directly to business travelers. Get an overview of how NDC is reshaping the air travel market in the latest 2018 Industry Forecast update from BCD Travel.

Prepare your program for NDC pros and cons

It’s time for corporate travel buyers to get ready for NDC. Asking the right questions now will allow you to seize opportunities and avoid unexpected costs later. Replay Advito air expert Olivier Benoit’s webinar, “NDC Insights and Impact: What You Need to Know Now,” for tips on how to prepare.

Look to the future

What would corporate travel management look like if every trip transaction were tied to one record number? That’s the future envisioned by IATA under ONE Order. This still-in-progress initiative—a next step after NDC—has the potential to simplify travel management, improve traveler experiences and increase transparency into total travel spend, explains Advito’s Jeroen Hurkmans in a recent Business Travel iQ column.

Learn more about BCD Travel’s approach to NDC, including recent agreements that allow clients to avoid surcharges with some major airlines.

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