Siemens and BCD Travel expand partnership

BCD Travel will support Siemens’ business travelers in an additional 38 countries, totaling 64 markets in the Americas and EMEA regions.

BCD Travel and Siemens are significantly expanding their partnership: The global travel management company will now support Siemens’ business travelers in an additional 38 countries, totaling 64 markets in the Americas and EMEA regions.

BCD and Siemens have been working together successfully since 1998, including Siemens’ most important travel markets: the U.S. and Germany. Last year, Siemens decided to strategically expand its cooperation with BCD in the Americas and EMEA regions on a long-term basis. The contract for the expansion will run for another five years.

Since December 2019, all Siemens countries are being migrated to BCD systems in several implementation phases. This allows for an innovative global service model to be introduced for two-thirds of the existing and new markets.

« With the new service model, we’re contributing to the digitalization of Siemens’ business travel management, » said Lutz Nauert, senior vice president global program management for EMEA at BCD Travel. « We’re working with a virtual platform that connects all countries concerned and guarantees round-the-clock availability and multi-lingual service.”

A consistent service is guaranteed: BCD’s Traveler Identity Management technology enables BCD’s travel consultants to instantly recognize the traveler at every touchpoint, whether they reach out by phone, email, live chat or the TripSource® app.

The service model also offers clear advantages for Siemens’ travel management and sourcing department, including:

• Standardized products and services across the globe
• Consistent global fulfillment process
• Fast and reliable business intelligence from the DecisionSource® data and analytics platform

In addition to implementing the new markets (by summer 2021) and introducing the new service model, the partners are also pursuing additional goals. For example, Siemens is implementing a fully automated end-to-end travel and expense process with Concur Travel & Expense for several countries with BCD’s support.

« BCD Travel has done a great job in challenging circumstances—such as concurrently running complex projects, while dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic—and has consistently delivered the necessary resources. With innovative technology and customized project management, we were able to meet ambitious timelines, » said James Kueng, head of global travel management at Siemens. « We hope that this will enable us to achieve a more consistent global set-up and at the same time maintain the excellent BCD service quality we have come to expect.”

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