Here’s why you should pre-record parts of your virtual event

BCD Meetings & Events pro tip: Record content ahead of time to make sure presenters deliver polished performances at virtual events.

An easy way to increase the quality of virtual meetings and events is to record some of the content ahead of time. The result? Polished performances and seamless transitions between sessions. In a blog, BCD Meetings & Events leader Sandra Collins talked through the merits of using pre-recorded video and audio to help presenters, speakers and clients deliver crowd-pleasing events for attendees.

Sandra Collins, Head of Strategic Communications, BCDM&E

The pros of pre-production

Simulive events present content to audiences as though they were seeing it live. BCDM&E often works with presenters in professional studios using two cameras to capture the best takes. When executed properly, slick handovers and split screens amp up the engagement between speakers and virtual attendees. Another advantage? Different language versions can be created for global audiences.

Consistency and control

Web cams and Wi-Fi may glitch at the worst time. With a finished presentation in queue, meeting hosts can better control meeting flow and maintain attendee focus.

Practice makes perfect presentations

Public speaking isn’t easy for everyone. BCDM&E’s production team offers remote video coaching to help presenters and local crew look their best on film. Pre-recording gives presenters the chance to do multiple takes which can be edited together with graphics, cutaways and animation.

Pro tips

BCD Meetings & Events leader Sharon Collins shares tips on using pre-recorded content to achieve maximum impact with minimum problems at your next virtual event.

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