4 apps for business travel

Marjolein van de Velde, sales manager at BCD Travel

Frequent traveler and BCD Travel Sales Manager Marjolein van de Velde relies on her smartphone and travel apps to help keep her organized, on schedule and safe on journeys between her home in the Netherlands and destinations worldwide.

“I am lost without my phone,” van de Velde said. “When it comes to travel apps I’m very critical. I only use apps that genuinely make my life easier.” Below, she shares her favorites for business trips.


“Every mobile application should provide individual assistance and cater to specific needs. That is why I like to use BCD Travel’s TripSource app. It’s my own personal travel agent. I can use it to book preferred hotels within the travel policy, and I receive push messages relating to departure times, gate changes, baggage reclaim and suggestions for transport from the airport to my hotel. It gives me exactly the information I need when I need it.” Download:  App Store | Google Play


“For local rides, I generally use Uber. The app is user-friendly, and you can see in advance exactly who will pick you up and when. You can even see the registration and brand of the car and a photo of the driver. I have credit cards linked to my Uber account: one for business use and one for private use. For each trip, I can indicate which card I want to use. Of course, an added advantage is that Uber is usually much cheaper than regular cabs.” Download: App Store | Google Play

 WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp has become more common than texting for van de Velde. WhatsApp’s is a free messaging app that uses her phone’s Internet connection to send and receive messages. “I sometimes also use WhatsApp or FaceTime to make phone calls.” It’s an easy way to cut travel-related costs. Download: App Store | Google Play

Weer Online

Weather apps like Weer Online, available in the Netherlands, can simplify trip planning, van de Velde said. “I use a premium version of Weer Online. This provides an update on the weather at my destination 24 hours in advance, which is handy for packing.”​ Download: App Store | Google Play

Marjolein’s travel app tips

  • Link different credit cards to Uber
  • Keep all your travel information in one place with BCD’s TripSource app
  • Only activate push messages, for example weather updates, when they’re relevant to your immediate needs. Turn them off when the trip’s over.

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