Uptick in popularity of shared services creating uncertainty for corporate travel managers

Advito white paper examines the benefits and risks to travel programs of the sharing economy.

Copenhagen, January 28, 2015 –Business travelers are increasingly gravitating to the convenience provided by Airbnb, Uber and other services using the new “sharing economy” model. But how do travel managers know whether those services make sense for their corporate travel programs?

A new white paper by travel consultancy Advito offers the most thorough examination to date of the sharing economy through the lens of the corporate travel manager. The sharing economy: Does it have a place in your managed travel program? evaluates the most pressing questions for travel programs by the growing trend in shared services.

“Business travelers want to use these suppliers, and in many cases, already are. Yet many travel managers are hesitant to revise their policies to reflect this change. With the sharing economy developing so rapidly, travel managers need to understand the pros and cons and determine the right approach for their program,” said April Bridgeman, Managing Director for Advito.

The sharing economy addresses five key areas for consideration: cost, traveler satisfaction, safety, regulation and integration into the travel program. The paper provides specific benefits and risks to introducing the two major sharing economy travel suppliers, Airbnb and Uber. It helps travel buyers determine if these two services add value to their travel programs, if they should allow their travelers to use them and if so, how to integrate shared services into their program.

“The sharing economy is changing managed travel and cannot be ignored,” said Bridgeman. “It isn’t so unworkable that you should ban it from your program without further investigation. At the same time, it isn’t so problem-free that you can allow travelers to use the services without implementing some rules and monitoring. It requires a balanced approach.”

The Advito white paper The sharing economy: Does it have a place in your managed travel program? is available at advito.com