Workplace practices

Our company’s future depends on the quality, performance and commitment of our workforce. A talented, healthy and engaged employee population drives performance and powers innovation, making it imperative that we continue to attract, develop, motivate and retain employees effectively.


Our long-term success depends on our ability to attract, recruit, develop and retain employees capable of ensuring our growth on a continuing basis. We provide a workplace capable of allowing everyone to achieve their highest potential, where we reward individuals who are willing to give their best. We respect the human rights of our employees and will not tolerate discrimination or harassment and will ensure fair and equal treatment. We are fully committed to promoting equal opportunities in employment.

Long-term commitment:

We aim to further develop our governance, compliance and ethics programs to cover global operations; demonstrate transparency and leadership to all stakeholders. We also continue to improve sustainability performance throughout all areas of our business.

Also, we continue to protect 100% of corporate and customer data and information from loss, manipulation, unauthorized access and falsification.


  • Increased number of training hours per employee by 8% compared to 2016.
  • Achieved a performance appraisal completion rate of 98%.
  • 64% of global employees are covered by OHSAS certification.
  • The number of employees working-athome increased by 2%.
  • Sourced a new vendor to measure and improve employee engagement and to provide real-time feedback; piloted the tool in test markets.
  • Provided an incentive trip to more than 100 employees and their spouses based on peer nominations.
  • Reviewed and updated the Global HR policy; included enhanced language on discrimination, harassment, social dialog and health and safety.
  • Created and communicated a new global harassment policy.
  • 495 respondents from agencies, corporates, associations and suppliers involved in hospitality, events and tourism participated in a survey about gender equality and diversity.
“Successful corporate travel programs rely on employees who understand their companies’ needs, challenges and culture. We use our competency model to help our people develop their “confident self” and, as a result, become more trusted advisers to clients. By understanding job requirements and skills, we make sure the fit between people and their jobs is just right.” Angela Williams, Vice president, human resources

We know that different people learn in different ways, so we’re striving for customized, individualized approaches that balance practical experience, virtual classrooms, self-guided learning and learning as a group.