Workplace practices


Our company’s future depends on the quality, performance and commitment of our workforce. A talented, healthy and engaged employee population drives performance and powers innovation, making it imperative that we continue to attract, develop, motivate and retain talented employees.


We want to create an environment that encourages and enables our people to develop to their fullest potential. We exemplify this through safe, ethical and progressive working practices where our employees achieve personal growth, and our business thrives in tandem.

Long-term commitment

A safe and healthy work environment is a top priority. We respect and proactively support the human rights of our employees. We will create a high-performance inclusive culture, integrating realistic talent development initiatives and opportunities in accordance with our employees’ suggestions and comments.


  • We launched a Global Human Resources Information System (GHRIS) as part of our company’s digital transformation. GHRIS not only saves time but also helps improve data integrity and security with stringent access protocols to protect our employee’s information.
  • To help fill BCD’s talent pipeline with next-generation professionals, we heightened focus on apprentices and trainees. Attracting new talent with fresh ideas is one of the best ways for the industry to meet future challenges. Globally, we aim to improve by 4% the first-year retention rate for employees 30 years old and younger.
  • We uphold our duty of care for our employees in the office and while they’re traveling for business. We provide traveler tracking, crisis and emergency response support, and security awareness and education. Enhancements within our TripSource® mobile application proactively advise travelers about potentially risky situations and allow us to quickly reach them when disruptions occur. Travelers can immediately report on their safety and wellbeing and request assistance.
  • We introduced a short, weekly, real-time global employee engagement survey. Employee responses to questions about our company culture provide insights we use to track and refine company benchmarks, create fulfilling jobs and make better decisions about changes that matter to our employees.