Workplace practices

Our company’s future depends on the quality, performance and commitment of our workforce. A talented, healthy and engaged employee population drives performance and powers innovation, making it imperative that we continue to attract, develop, motivate and retain employees.
Good Health and Well-Being Sustainable Development Goal
Quality Education Sustainable Development Goal
Gender Equality Sustainable Development Goal
Decent work and economic growth Sustainable Development Goal
Reduced Inequalities Sustainable Development Goal
Responsible consumption and production Sustainable Development Goal
Climate Action Sustainable Development Goal
Peace Justice and strong Institutions Sustainable Development Goal

Enhancing our employee experience

We’re seeing continued change within our industry, as well as the wider economic, societal and corporate landscape on a global scale. These challenges have revealed significant opportunities in how we enhance our employee experience.

As we move through this transformative time for our industry, it is more critical than ever to support the wellbeing of our employees. This is something we continue to focus on, with key initiatives such as our Wellbeing at BCD platform and employee experience resources.

We’ve been more formally integrating our Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) strategy into our global sustainability program, with the appointment of our Senior Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion as well as four regional councils and our employee experience team.

We see our ongoing commitment to advancing D&I within our company as a critical part of our success. Growing our range of D&I initiatives is not only the right thing to do for our employees – it’s good business, too. Research shows time and again that companies who intentionally focus on growing a diverse and inclusive workforce outperform those who do not.

Our goal is to help all our employees become their most Confident Self. The Confident Self Journey embraces the idea that we should never stop developing and growing. Development doesn’t take place overnight; it’s a journey in which each and every BCD employee is engaged. We won’t magically become our Confident Self from taking one class or participating in a single learning activity.

Our employee experience team integrate a dynamic range of development opportunities for our employees throughout all stages of their career with BCD, from initial onboarding to leadership growth. Monthly Employee Experience Insights also provide useful information, tips and guidance to help our employees navigate through life experiences, both personal and professional.

Examples of the strategies and tips we provide to our employees:

  • Walking to good health
  • World Mental Health Day
  • Mindful awe exercises
  • Self-care and why it’s important
  • How to overcome virtual fatigue
  • Working from home toolkit
  • Understanding and avoiding burnout
  • Home office sustainability guidelines

Employee wellbeing

It’s critical to our business that our people are supported as we continue to move through disruption, transformation and uncertainty together. Our Wellbeing at BCD platform provides BCD employees with strategies and tips from our wellbeing experts across five key areas: emotional wellbeing, physical wellbeing, social wellbeing, working from home and coping with COVID-19. 

Our platform encourages employees to interact with these articles and share them with their colleagues, providing them with the opportunity to share their own wellbeing story, should they choose. 

We have also implemented regional mental health first aiders and employee assistance programs as confidential spaces of support for our employees who would like to talk or seek help. These initiatives aim to provide a support network for those employees who are more vulnerable or experiencing mental health challenges. 

Our focus on employee experience is supported by our approach to their wellbeing and mental health. Our global employee engagement platform includes an anonymous monthly survey to understand how our people are feeling across a range of core areas, including their health and wellbeing. 

When our people are engaged and at their best they thrive, so this kind of data analysis is key to our mental health and wellbeing strategies.

Diversity & Inclusion

We encourage our employees to Be You at BCD and to make BCD a safe, inclusive space where all our people can flourish and where our diversity makes us stronger. We’re translating our principles into action.

D&I program management

We appointed our Senior Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion to help guide our program forward and drive a growing range of initiatives aimed at strengthening D&I in our DNA.

D&I framework

As our D&I strategy evolves, we’re focusing our efforts on workforce representation, workplace inclusion, marketplace and suppliers.

D&I global councils across four regions

Our people bring D&I to life. Composed of employees from every region, function and level in the company, our D&I councils provide recommendations for global D&I strategies, set local and regional goals based on our global strategy and champion education in their region and markets. Their aim is to celebrate and nurture different voices, backgrounds and perspectives in our workforce.

Employee experience team

This team works closely with our Senior Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion to design and implement a complete D&I awareness program, including sessions on unconscious bias, promoting inclusion, cultural awareness, allyship and more.

Through Be You at BCD we are committed to improving the systems, policies and awareness available to BCD employees to promote a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion – it’s fundamental to the way we run our business. It not only enhances our employees’ experiences, it brings diverse opinions and creativity to our clients too. We want to make sure that our differences continue to be celebrated and drive innovation across our organization. We invite our employees, clients and partners to walk this journey with us in spirit and in action – together we can help everyone Be You at BCD.

Senior Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion

Be You at BCD Logo

Be You at BCD platform

We launched our Be You at BCD platform where employees can raise their awareness about different cultures across the world and important celebrations such as Pride Month, Juneteenth and International Women’s Day. Our platform encourages employees to like, bookmark, and comment on these articles with their colleagues.

Cultural connections program

Our program allows participants around the globe to take part in video chat sessions to connect, share and learn from their colleagues.

Commitment to strengthening D&I across the entire employee life cycle

Our Senior Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion is working with our People & Culture and leadership teams globally to ensure that D&I principles are incorporated into various workplace processes from talent acquisition to employee retention.

Think tank group

This group performs research and advocacy for how we contribute to our clients’ D&I goals for their corporate travel and meetings programs.

Meet our D&I council

Our D&I councils are a group of diverse and passionate employees from across the regions in which BCD operates. We’re pleased to highlight and introduce you to some of them and hear why they have a passion for D&I.



2022 Sustainability Update

Our 2022 Sustainability Update summarizes activities, achievements and progress against our key performance indicators covering the calendar year 2021.

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