We strive to build sustainable and mutually rewarding partnerships with our supply chain while contributing to our business sustainability and that of the people and planet.

Decent work and economic growth Sustainable Development Goal
Reduced Inequalities Sustainable Development Goal
Responsible consumption and production Sustainable Development Goal
Partnership Sustainable Development Goal

BCD seeks business relationships that are built on trust, respect and shared values. We only select suppliers who meet our business and commercial requirements and who demonstrate responsible business practices based on ethical, environmental and social criteria.

As new sustainability legislation is implemented, and stakeholder requirements evolve across the supply chain, the importance of integrating sustainability best practices across global procurement processes continues to increase.

Our expectations of the standards we require from our suppliers and partners are outlined in our Supplier Code of Conduct. Ethically conducting business and abiding by all legal and regulatory requirements are important components of this shared commitment.

At the same time, we continue to be a sustainable member of our clients’ supply chains, supporting their sustainable procurement strategies by applying third-party audited best practices. This is demonstrated by our second EcoVadis Platinum rating, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certification in 100% of our wholly owned operations, as well as our annual CDP assessment and SBTi targets. We recognize our responsibility to add sustainable value both up and down the supply chain and reinforce our commitment to help change the procurement landscape.

Supplier compliance

We continue to increase the number of global suppliers who have signed our Supplier Code of Conduct, a document that clearly outlines our ethical business practices and is aligned with the United Nations Global Compact. The Supplier Code of Conduct also forms part of our agreement with each partner in the BCD global network. We encourage our suppliers to promote our shared values of sustainable procurement within their own supply chain. Our long-term commitment is to ensure that all partners and suppliers align their sustainability objectives with our own.

Supplier diversity

When it comes to promoting equal opportunities in sustainable procurement, we know we can’t stand still. The impact of COVID-19 has allowed us to pause and refocus our commitment to sustainable, diverse and inclusive procurement.

We’re committed to identifying and selecting diverse suppliers, and recognize the importance of supplier diversity and its contribution to the success of our client partnerships.

Our goal is to support the use of supplier-diversified business enterprises as vendors of quality products, services and competitive prices. We aim to select and work with socially responsible and like-minded suppliers who engage in responsible business practices. For BCD, supporting diversity and equality across our supply chain is an ever-evolving practice – but one that we’re determined to get right.


2022 Sustainability Update

Our 2022 Sustainability Update summarizes activities, achievements and progress against our key performance indicators covering the calendar year 2021.

or download full 2021 Sustainability Report.

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