Sustainable Procurement

BCD Travel strives to build sustainable and mutually rewarding partnerships with its supply chain with a view to contributing to its own business sustainability and that of the people and planet.


BCD Travel carefully selects suppliers who demonstrate responsible business practices based on ethical, environmental and social criteria. Our Supplier Code of Conduct
outlines the standards we expect from our suppliers and partners, who must share our commitment to conduct business in an ethical manner and abide by all legal,
regulatory and other requirements. We also request compliance with international labor standards with specific focus on the International Labor Organization (ILO) Conventions.

Long-term commitment:

We work to ensure all partners and suppliers demonstrate responsible business practices (including data protection) and to align suppliers’ social, ethical and environmental responsibilities with our own ethical goals and objectives. We aim to increase awareness of sustainability issues (environmental, ethical and social considerations) within our global procurement and sourcing processes.


  • Assessed compliance with our Supplier Code of Conduct of 40% of our suppliers and partners.
  • The Global Procurement and Strategic Sourcing Policy was reviewed and updated.
  • Included 100% of applicable companies within our own data mapping process to ensure that rigorous controls are in place to comply with GDPR requirements which became effective on 25 May 2018.
“Sustainability is at the core of our strategic direction. It allows us to align our internal sustainability goals with those of our clients’ and to project these shared values throughout our supply chain. We continue to work closely with suppliers and partners to ensure their compliance with the ethical and social requirements outlined in our Supplier Code of Conduct. Regular assessments are carried out in various forms to ensure continual improvement of sustainability performance to meet stakeholder expectations. Our EcoVadis rating in the top 1% in the Sustainable Procurement section confirms our successful supply chain initiative.” Sharon Dirks, Director of sustainability

Suppliers are critical partners in achieving our goals, and we continued to expand supplier development and engagement during 2017. To date we assessed 32 partners using the EcoVadis Corporate Platform. They conduct rigorous analyses of CSR programs in the areas of environment, labor practices, fair business practices and sustainable procurement.

In 2017, we initiated a training program to help our partners improve their CSR performance. Based on their EcoVadis results, we developed corrective action plans to  remedy identified gaps and conducted follow-up sessions in preparation for 2018 CSR re-assessments.