Leadership Perspective

A message from John Snyder, President and CEO, and Kathy Jackson, Vice President and Executive Chair of Sustainability.

We believe businesses are a core building block of a healthy and productive society, something we all depend on both as individuals and as members of families and communities. Businesses have a role to play in improving the communities in which we live and work. That’s why our corporate mission revolves around helping people and companies. It’s why sustainability lies at the core of everything we do.

Success comes from a collaboration of many. The greatest accomplishments in business, science, sports, and society result from cooperation and shared purpose of an organization, entire team and population.

Great ideas and individual efforts kept in isolation become historical footnotes. When given a chance to work with others toward a common goal, people overperform. When given an opportunity to contribute to a higher purpose and to build upon one another’s successes, people tap into a mysterious power and come up with remarkable innovations. This is why our commitment to sustainability has helped us attract and retain the top talent in our industry.

The recognition that collaboration offers advantage over individual efforts in isolation led us in 2018 to improve upon our prior year’s sustainability efforts, including:

  • Top sustainability audit: Collaboration with internal expert teams resulted in an 18% improvement in our overall score since first attaining EcoVadis Gold status in 2016.
  • Health & Safety: Collaboration with global EHS coordinators resulted in OHSAS 18001 certification of 66% of our operations covering 79% of employees worldwide.
  • Plastic reduction: Global employee collaboration in support of the UNEP’s World Environment Day theme “Beat Plastic Pollution” led to greater environmental awareness and resulted in a 37% reduction in single-use plastics across all BCD Travel offices.
  • Sustainable Development Goals: Collaboration with our partners, supporting SDG 17 (partnerships for the goals), helps them secure their future role in a global marketplace and ensures our clients receive seamless service throughout the world.

We continue to encourage our employees’ efforts to improve their local communities through social investment and charitable activities. Our passion for creating the world we want is reflected in our global partnership with ECPAT, the leading organization seeking to end the commercial sexual exploitation of children. It’s also reflected in the work of the John en Marine van Vlissingen Foundation and our local charity projects.

Collaboration among our shareholders, management, employees, partners and clients has resulted in measurable progress in our sustainability program since its launch in 2007. Our success only encourages us to do more. Our approach to sustainability does not envision crossing a finish line; rather, we strive for ongoing and unending progress. Each year that we reach our sustainability goals, we raise the bar again.

On behalf of all our 14,900 creative, committed and experienced people working in concert across the globe, we’re pleased to present our 2019 Sustainability Update in support of the 10 principles UN Global Compact and the Sustainable Development Goals.

John Snyder, President and CEO, BCD Travel. CEO, BCD Group

John Snyder
President and
Chief Executive Officer


Kathy Jackson
Vice President and Executive Chair of Sustainability