Governance, Ethics and Compliance

Corporate governance developments

We believe that maintaining our high level of corporate governance helps reinforce our reputation as a trusted partner for these stakeholders. We are committed to responsible business practices, setting high ethical standards and embracing corporate governance best practices.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen an increase in focus on what it means to be a sustainable organization, further heightened by the impact of COVID-19 and other world events. Having the right governance in place to enable sustainability across all functions of an organization is now essential to working successfully with an ever-growing range of stakeholders – from potential and current employees and clients, to suppliers, SMEs, business partners and the wider community and society.

Sustainability and its influence over how organizations conduct business continues to grow. Our governance structure and processes mean that we are agile enough to support this growth.

Part of this evolution is ensuring we anticipate and align our global governance and sustainability management system with the latest governance, ethics and compliance legislation. The disruption caused by the pandemic saw us double down on this commitment – ensuring we remain ambassadors for business ethics across industries during this turbulent time.

Key achievements

We continue to monitor legislative regulations to ensure alignment with the EU Whistleblowing Protection Directive. Our analysis will include identifying whether any adjustments need to be made to BCD’s Non-Compliance Reporting policy when the directive becomes law  throughout all EU countries.

We have also been assessing the impact of the new EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) legislation on our sustainability management system and governance structure. The directive aims to expand the scope of reporting requirements, drive consistency in reporting across organizations and ultimately achieve a quality reporting framework that allows for much more transparency. This new legislation is fully  aligned  with the evolution of BCD’s sustainability program and we are continuing with our assessments and resultant actions.