BCD Travel mobile app

TripSource® is a robust cross-platform app that displays up-to-date itineraries, delivers trip change notifications, and allows our business travel clients to reach their travelers with relevant company policy information—anytime, anywhere.

With just a tap, your travelers can access relevant information at critical points within their travel experience:

Before the trip: Travelers can access detailed itineraries (air, hotel, car, and ground), share their trip with a preset list of contacts, and even add custom ‘cards’ for meetings and business dinners to keep everything in one place.
During the trip: Travelers will have access to maps, directions and phone numbers. They’ll also receive push alerts—TripSource will notify them about flight delays, gate changes, itinerary changes, and company policy at relevant points in the trip cycle.
After the trip: Travelers can access their trip history and receive expense reminders as well as targeted offers based on their profile and spending habits.

The TripSource app, available exclusively to our clients and their travelers, is available for download in the App Store and Google Play in major markets across North America and Europe. For more information, go to www.tripsource.com or get the QuickFacts.