Yasmeen Khan

Head of Commercial and Sales

As a highly successful commercial executive, Yasmeen Khan has established herself as a seasoned travel industry expert with a talent for developing long-term relationships with clients and suppliers and mastering the art of “closing the deal”. Yasmeen’s commitment to delivering value to clients and driving growth through robust commercial strategies and sales goals is evident in her work as Head of Commercial and Sales. With decades of experience in the travel management industry, Yasmeen’s leadership style is intuitive, informed by her entrepreneurial background, and built on insight into the global context of travel.

Before joining the Rennies BCD Travel team, Yasmeen gained experience at several counterpart travel management companies before spreading her wings and establishing a Strategic Business Consultancy firm to both Corporate and Travel Management Companies. Her in-depth understanding of the travel industry, coupled with her keen sense of problem analysis, provides her team members with the agility and attentiveness to guide clients to the best available solutions. Yasmeen’s adventurous spirit is evident both in her professional life and her leisure activities, and she has a zest for sports and adrenaline-pumping activities like bungee jumping that reflects her drive and tenacity in pursuing her goals.