Reece Oakes


As CEO, Reece Oakes spearheads Rennies BCD Travel, one of the largest corporate travel management companies in South Africa. With almost three decades of experience in a range of industries, Reece brings a wealth of knowledge to his leadership role. His expertise in strategic business operations, profitability, systems, and efficiencies has helped transform Rennies BCD Travel and improve its overall performance.

Reece is passionate about developing agile and engaged teams that are key to business success. As a Life Coach, his aim is to guide and mentor people to deliver inventive business strategies and client-focused solutions that have a positive organizational impact. He is continually motivated to learn and share his knowledge and is currently concluding a DBA, in addition to having an MBA and BBA. Reece’s dynamic leadership style has won him accolades, and he is often referred to as an energetic strategic leader. Reece is always looking to connect with like-minded professionals who share his vision and passion for excellence.