Michelle Flint

Head of Customer Solutions

Michelle Flint is a seasoned business executive with 27 years of experience in the travel industry. As the Head of Customer Solutions, Michelle has successfully managed both regional and global travel accounts, as well as individual travel business units, driving revenue growth and ensuring overall client satisfaction. Additionally, Michelle has a track record of successful implementation of various leading travel technologies into client business spaces, bringing benefits to all stakeholders. Michelle’s expertise lies in her process and solution-focused approach to management, along with her highly technical and agile execution style.

Beyond her professional achievements, Michelle is a self-proclaimed foodie who enjoys the finer things in life. When not leading customer solutions in the travel industry, Michelle can often be found unwinding with a great book or indulging in her passion for food and wine while spending quality time with friends. With her extensive experience and passion for travel and good living, Michelle Flint’s expertise is critical to any organisation seeking to improve customer solutions and drive growth in the travel industry.