Video: SolutionSource cures the one-size-fits-all approach to corporate travel

No two corporate travel programs are exactly the same, and that’s what makes BCD Travel’s SolutionSource marketplace so valuable, explains BCD’s Irina Matz.

BCD Travel’s SolutionSource® marketplace was designed to solve a frustrating problem for companies. They (and their travelers) were seeing a lot of interesting travel technology out there. But adding leading-edge solutions to corporate travel programs had major pitfalls. Knowing which technology to choose took a lot of time and expertise. And once a travel manager selected a solution, there was no guarantee it would meet security standards or integrate easily into existing technologies and processes.

Enter SolutionSource, launched in February 2018 as a way to help BCD clients capitalize on promising technologies with more speed and less risk. BCD identifies and vets third-party technology providers. Those that meet criteria for innovation, efficacy and security are authorized by BCD and accepted as SolutionSource marketplace partners.

Tailored travel programs

Corporate travel programs select solutions that fit their specific needs. It moves companies away from one-size-fits-all travel solutions by enabling an unprecedented level of technology tailoring, as Irina Matz, senior director of SolutionSource, explains in a new video.

New technology partners

More than 300 BCD clients have tapped into technologies offered by 19 SolutionSource partners. The newest partners are:

  • Lumo—measure, predict and proactively manage flight disruptions
  • Hubtobee—connect colleagues during business trips to make the most of travel budgets
  • Park ‘N Fly—save on off-airport parking and ensure a high level of service for travelers
  • Tripkicks—reduce travel spend while improving compliance and employee satisfaction
  • VATBox—save up to 12% of travel costs through value-added tax reclaims
  • VisaHQ—streamline visa and passport applications

SolutionSource partner offerings cover nine categories, including traveler services, duty of care, guest travel, program optimization and more.

BCD’s product development leader Yannis Karmis says innovations like SolutionSource are reducing traveler friction while increasing savings and compliance.

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