Checklist: How to protect yourself against theft on a business trip

Business travelers have to safeguard their travel data as well as their luggage containing notebooks, smartphones and corporate credit cards. This checklist reminds travelers of important precautionary measures to protect themselves against theft.

Nearly half of all travel managers believe travel risks are on the rise – and airports are likely places to encounter trouble. Business travelers can use the tips from this checklist to protect personal and company property:

Pack your suitcase properly

Do not store valuables or ticketing information in the outside pockets of baggage. When possible, carry valuables close to your body.

Pass the security check safely

The security conveyor belt is a prime opportunity for theft.  Try to remain standing near your items until they pass into the  scanner.

Emergency response: “I’m safe!”

Communicating with travelers during a crisis is one of the biggest concerns for companies. BCD clients using TripSource can receive a mobile alert with details on emergency events at their location and are prompted to check in using the “I’m Safe” button. Travel managers can monitor and communicate with affected travelers during the crisis.

Stay alert at the baggage carousel

The safety rule here is: Maintain a reasonable amount of personal space at the baggage carousel. Step back and wait for your suitcase or trolley. Thieves use the hustle and bustle at the edge of the belt to jostle travelers and relieve them of personal items, like phones, wallets, jewelry and purses.

Travel with your colleague

Whenever you have to show your wallet, chip cards and ID cards and therefore have them in your hand, you have to pay the highest level of attention, e.g., at car rental counters, bus stops, taxi stands or in shops. There is safety in numbers. If you’re travelling with colleagues, share transportation as allowed by your travel policy and remain with the group as much as possible.

Safeguard your travel data

Traveling with a passport? Snap a picture for your mobile phone or upload it to the cloud. Also, check out these 4 ways to safeguard your travel data.

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