Video: Test drive TripSource

Demo shows how targeted messaging aids travelers, drives savings.

Travel managers looking for ways to connect with and influence travelers on the road can take an in-depth video test drive of BCD Travel’s TripSource®.

 Anytime, anywhere access

TripSource is exclusively designed to give BCD Travel clients and their travelers greater control over the trip experience. Travelers use the app to access detailed itineraries, book hotels and self-manage specific aspects of their trip. Companies use the platform to reach their travelers with relevant messages and guidelines—anytime, anywhere.

Jean Green, BCD Travel

That value was demonstrated recently when the U.S. and U.K. announced passengers on select flights from some Mideast countries would be banned from bringing laptops and certain other electronic devices into the cabin. BCD clients were able to use TripSource to message their affected travelers within minutes of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s publication of the new policy.

Moderated by Jean Green, senior product marketing manager for BCD, the  video covers:

  • The evolving digital market and its effects on travel management
  • An overview of how TripSource can solve some of these challenges for corporate travel programs and their travelers
  • A demo of how the platform works

Want to know more about how TripSource can simplify the journey for your travelers and help your company increase savings, safety and traveler satisfaction? Talk to your account manager or visit

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