Use games, yoga and a great playlist to pump energy into virtual meetings

Are your virtual events suffering from ‘sameness’? BCDM&E leader Sandra Collins knows 6 ways to re-energize video calls and online meetings.

Sandra Collins, Head of Strategic Communications, BCDM&E

Virtual meetings and events are a great way to keep businesspeople connected – but only if you can keep their attention. Zoom fatigue, the burnout associated with overuse of virtual platforms, is real. Add in the distractions of working from home – i.e., family, delivery drivers, or pets – and meeting planners and hosts find themselves in fierce competition to keep attendees focused. There are remedies for that, says BCDM&E leader Sandra Collins. In a blog post, Collins points to six creative ways to re-energize virtual meetings.

  1. Use graphics and motion to keep all eyes and ears on the content.
  2. For large groups, integrate polls, Q&As and other engagement tactics to help improve interactivity.
  3. Icebreakers are a tried and true practice for kicking off meetings, starting conversations and boosting networking.
  4. Virtual teambuilding activities, like scavenger hunts, are great for boosting morale and brain power. Break up long events with virtual escape rooms or gameshow-style sessions.
  5. Add a health and wellbeing aspect to your event, e.g., virtual yoga or meditation breaks after intense sessions.
  6. Book music or magicians. You read that right. Book a DJ, comedian or magician for an online appearance to celebrate the end of a successful event.

To read Collins’ full blog, click here.

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