U.S. and China are air travel opposites

Combine data insights with market expertise to maximize savings in both countries.

Nearly 30% of U.S. business travelers book flights 21 days or more in advance, according to BCD Travel data. In China, the figure is below 15%. In fact, Chinese travelers often wait until almost the last minute.

An undisciplined approach to this data might lead to encouraging Chinese travelers to book further in advance. But that would be a mistake because tightly regulated Chinese airfares tend to fall steeply as the departure date draws nearer.

Applying U.S. air market knowledge to Chinese market data won’t maximize savings. BCD Travel’s white paper, Get Engaged: Empowering Travelers to Make Smart Buying Choices, offers strategies for approaching travel data with a market-savvy, disciplined approach to understanding what it means—and where it should lead you.

The paper explores new data collection techniques that give travel managers an unprecedented view into their travelers’ behaviors. That information can be transformed into previously untapped savings, even for mature travel programs.

But having the data isn’t enough. You have to manage it wisely, working with market experts to incorporate market knowledge and industry experience into the analytical process. This discipline is especially important when you’re trying to change traveler behavior.

Discover more about the Chinese business travel market and BCD’s expertise there—as well as how traveler engagement can help you find savings in any market. Talk to your account manager today.

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