30-second primer: Travel Report Card

The Travel Report Card—one of the most valuable DecisionSource® reports for BCD Travel clients—makes tracking program performance quick and easy. Here are three great ways to use these at-a-glance reports, as well as some examples of how they’re helping companies drive savings and compliance.

Grade behavior

Keep an eye on problem areas like acceptance of lowest fares, advance airfare purchases, hotel-to-trip-night alignment and preferred hotel usage. Use the report to give each senior leader a quarterly look at their department’s overall grade and the behavior of specific travelers, so they can act to make improvements. Read how Pitney Bowes used Travel Report Cards to save US$2.7 million on travel and boost duty of care.

Reward compliance

Recognize travelers who continually book the lowest airfares and preferred hotels, and reward them accordingly. One BCD client uses the Travel Report Card to quickly assess whether road-warrior employees whom airlines want to reward with status perks are also in compliance with company travel policy. That ensures that travelers earn benefits when their air booking habits are good for all involved—themselves, the company and air suppliers.

Track supplier targets

The Travel Report Card’s trend graphic charts how your program is performing against set supplier targets. Track by airline, country and more, all without having to download information into a separate spreadsheet. Set the parameters, and the Travel Report Card does the work for you. What’s more, if you regularly run a particular Travel Report Card, use the DecisionSource Scheduler to set it up and have it sent to you weekly, monthly, quarterly—whenever the right time rolls around.

The Travel Report Card report code in DecisionSource is GD00039U. Get more tips for using the report to cut costs, boost compliance and improve trip experiences in this video tutorial and quick reference guide.


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