June 5 is World Environment Day

Do one thing with friends and family to support endangered plants and animals.

June 5 is World Environment Day (WED), which aims to inspire actions to prevent the growing strain on our earth’s natural systems.

This year’s WED theme is, “Go Wild for Life,” and it encourages us to celebrate those animal and plant species under threat—in your town, city, country or another part of the globe. WED encourages us to take individual action to safeguard endangered species for future generations.




WED is one of many environmentally focused corporate social responsibility initiatives of BCD Travel. Every year, BCD encourages its employees to mark the day by doing something that’s good for the planet—and encouraging others to do the same. They share inspirational photos and stories of their WED efforts with colleagues around the globe.

Ideas for action

  • Ride a bike or walk to your destination instead of taking a car
  • Ask to keep your plastic cup when traveling by plane
  • Use reusable shopping bags to avoid plastic bags
  • Learn about animals and plants that are threatened in your area (or in other parts of the world)
  • Clean up by collecting trash in the forest, at the beach or in a park nearby
  • Plant a tree

Show your support

Join participants around the globe and register your event here.


A better workplace. A better world. A better business. BCD Travel cares about our people, our communities and our customers. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) priorities also factor into BCD products and services that improve security, wellness, productivity and safety for clients and their business travelers.

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