Etihad celebrates a year of milestones

It’s been a successful year for Etihad. Along with being awarded Environmental Airline of the Year for 2022, it also enhanced guests’ travel experiences with new services, such as US pre-clearance facial recognition, and increased flights to New York and Chicago.

It has been quite a successful year for Etihad. The airline celebrated several key achievements and milestones that highlighted its ongoing efforts while reinforcing its reputation as an award-winning airline.

One of the year’s biggest achievements was being awarded Environmental Airline of the Year for 2022, which is a testament to Etihad’s tireless efforts as the airline works towards its goal of net zero emissions by 2050.

This is reflected in its ongoing efforts, such as through its new premium A350 fleet, which will fly from Abu Dhabi to New York and Chicago. The new aircraft are among the most sustainable in the air, reducing CO2 consumption and increasing fuel efficiency.

It is also focusing on offering the best value possible for travellers with 11 weekly nonstop flights between Abu Dhabi and New York as well as enhanced services for passengers. These include a US pre-clearance facial recognition that’s available at boarding gates in Abu Dhabi and New York, the only United States Customs and Border Protection facility in the Middle East. The new biometric facial scanners offer a completely touchless experience that allows guests to board without needing to present their passport or boarding pass.

Premium travellers using Etihad flights can also enjoy a complimentary luxury chauffeur service, which offers seamless transfer between Abu Dhabi airport and Dubai. Even with such notable accomplishments under its belt, Etihad’s set its sights on soaring higher in 2023 as it focuses on becoming the world’s most sustainable airline for generations to come. 

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