Case study: Post-divestiture Time Inc. retains key air discounts

Advito helps publishing company negotiate with power, despite 90% drop in air spend.

Separating from mega-size parent company Time Warner made business sense for Time Inc. Yet the divestiture reduced business travel volume and threatened to erode the New York publishing company’s negotiating leverage with airlines.

Business travel consultancy Advito, a longtime partner, helped Time Inc. resize its air program, map out a new supplier strategy and identify all possible savings on airfares. The result: Time Inc. was able to maintain discounts on key routes despite a 90% drop in air spend.

“Advito brought to the table knowledge of our travel program and travelers, industry expertise and strong negotiating skills,” said Time Inc. Director of Travel Services Mary Beth Lysaght.

With guidance from Advito, Time Inc. also was able to negotiate frequent flier status and other waivers and favors, making the change to a smaller program less of a shock to travelers. And the company’s travel program leader was able to set expectations with executives overseeing financials.

“Advito gave me a realistic number based on their knowledge of the air market, and we ended up right on target,” Lysaght said. “I was able to let management know in advance what the spend was going to look like and why.”

Get more details by downloading the full case study. Then ask your account manager how Advito can help you maximize negotiating leverage with suppliers.



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