BTN index relies on BCD data and Advito expertise

The annual compilation draws on average hotel and car rental costs for BCD clients.

The 2016 Corporate Travel Index, Business Travel News’ 32nd annual compilation of business travel spend data for business travel destinations around the world, draws on average hotel and car rental costs for BCD Travel corporate clients. BCD’s consulting arm Advito analyzed the data.

Other research for the index came from BTN, which collected hotel taxes and surcharges, and New York University School of Professional Studies Advanced Research Seminar students, who gathered restaurant meal prices. This year’s Corporate Travel Index articles include:

  • Limited Hotel Supply Shoves U.S. Per Diems Up
  • Oil Prices & Unrest Drove Down Per Diems in the Americas
  • What a Dollar Buys in Asia
  • Strong U.S. Dollar Lowered EMEA Business Travel Spending

The index also details and ranks per diems for U.S. and non-U.S. cities frequently visited by business travelers.

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