Blog: How sustainable collaboration can help keep business moving in tough times

Advito’s Elise Coker on why and how to integrate sustainable collaboration tools into business continuity plans.

Elise Coker, Advito Senior Director

Global incidents can disrupt business, limit how employees collaborate, and interfere with or stall planned travel, meetings and conferences. Travel managers can help transform their travel programs into sustainable ones that help keep business going responsibly – and with minimal or no interruption – during uncertainty. In a blog post, Advito Senior Director Elise Coker outlines the benefits of transforming travel programs into Sustainable Collaboration™ programs.

“In the case that your business is affected by global events or initiatives and employees can’t easily travel, you need to keep business moving along,” says Coker. “Integrating virtual collaboration into your program and educating employees on the how and why of using it ensures your employees will be able to work from anywhere no matter what.”

Read her blog here.

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