Charting a course for CSR success

Kathy Jackson, Executive Vice President, BCD Travel

A newly released report details how BCD Travel reduced its environmental footprint, improved corporate health and safety, engaged in more sustainably focused supplier partnerships, and enhanced its ethical conduct controls—all achievements that led to BCD becoming the first travel management company to earn EcoVadis’ gold rating for sustainability.

BCD’s 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Report charts the company’s CSR journey and recent successes. In 2008, the TMC signed on to the United Nation’s Global Compact supporting international business standards on labor, environmental practices, anti-corruption practices and human rights. BCD also adheres to GRI G4 core guidelines, internationally recognized reporting standards that enable businesses to communicate the sustainability-related impact of their operations. The company has formalized its CSR practices and objectives, incorporating them into broader business goals defined by its corporate strategic direction.

In 2016, those efforts culminated in the gold rating from EcoVadis, a CSR rating firm whose assessments are recognized and sought by companies across the globe. BCD’s EcoVadis gold rating places the company in the top 1% of all suppliers assessed in its industry category and the top 2% of all suppliers assessed by EcoVadis. Last year, the TMC also received the GBTA Foundation’s Project ICARUS Sustainability Outstanding Achievement Award, its second ICARUS recognition.

“We all understand our responsibility to ensure the work we do and services we provide are in sync with being a good corporate citizen,” said Kathy Jackson, a BCD executive vice president. “The 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Report provides qualitative and quantifiable measurement of our performance in doing that—throughout our company and in the communities where we do business around the world.”

Download the report here or read it here. You can also discover other ways BCD Travel does well by doing good. Plus, get six tips for building a successful CSR program at your company.