5 tips for an effective employee engagement strategy

Elevate your travel program by building trust and traveler confidence.

In a recent LinkedIn blog, Shelley Fletcher Bryant, Director of Sales and Client Management at Advito, explores her top five tips for building and implementing an effective employee engagement strategy. First, employee engagement is more than just communication. It’s about understanding your different audiences and what they want (and need) to know, what your available communication channels are, and how to create a multi-channel approach that is impactful, relevant and easy to understand.

An effective communications and engagement strategy can elevate your travel program by building trust and traveler confidence. This is particularly important right now, as business travelers around the world are beginning to travel again. Trusting that their travel program will keep them safe is the first step to getting back on the road.

Step 1: Goals

  • Clearly define and limit goals to an achievable number, ideally no more than three.
  • Make each goal SMART: specific, measurable, ambitious, realistic and time bound.
  • Make sure goals can be impacted through your communication efforts.

Step 2: Channel review

  • Spend time thoroughly reviewing all available communication channels.
  • Consider every touchpoint in the travelers’ planning and booking experience. This could include intranet, social community, email, online booking tools, mobile tools and more.

Step 3: Audience identification

  • Know who to communicate with and what their differing needs are.
  • Consider divisions, business units or groups and how their travel patterns and needs differ.

Step 4: Aligning channels and messages to audiences

  • Consider the effectiveness of each channel for different audiences and messages.
  • Each message should be created specifically for the intended audience.
  • The most impactful campaigns are multi-channel, using different ways to reach specific audiences with reinforcing messages.

Step 5: Stakeholder engagement

  • Create strategic overviews that clearly demonstrate results/impact for internal stakeholders.
  • Consider external stakeholders and how best to engage with them.
  • Advise suppliers how they can communicate information so it can be integrated with your overall engagement strategy.

Give travelers the essential information; what they need to know now to help them make decisions and find useful sources of information. Make sure it’s timely and relevant to your target audience. And be sure to use multiple channels to help the message reach your audience and resonate.

Click here to read the full blog on LinkedIn.

Communications Guide: Return to the Road

Industry collective, the Travel and Meetings Standards group (TAMS) recently published their communications guidelines report. This guide helps travel managers get a better understanding of employee engagement and provides helpful information on how to build an effective communication plan. Build your complete employee engagement strategy with the tips above and guidance from the TAMS Communications Guide.

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